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October 2019 - The 3D Design Motion Tour

Sophia has been invited to appear in a panel alongside other notable VIP artists to discuss their favourite projects and workflows. The London Show is at the National Gallery, London.

September 2019 - IBC 2019 Presentation

At the IBC Show 2019 Amsterdam, Sophia presented her award-winning BBC US Elections 2018 Titles called, Steampunk meets the Neoclassical taking the audience from the concept to the how she created each shot.

June 2019 - BBC US Elections 2018 Titles win Platinum & Gold at the Muse Creative Awards

The BBC US Elections 2018 opening titles were awarded a Platinum in the Animation Category and a Gold in the Opening Show Category at the Muse Creative Awards 2019.

April 2019 - Animation wins World Medal at the New York Festivals Television & Film Awards

The BBC School Report - Fake News Animated Film won a World Bronze Medal in the Digital Educational Category.

March 2019 - Invitation to Buckingham Palace

In recognition to her work in the creative broadcast industry. Sophia was invited by the Cyprus High Commissioner to attend a 'Celebrating Cyprus' Event in the presence of HRH The Prince of Wales and the President of Cyprus.

February 2019 - Finalist

The BBC School Report - Fake News Animated Film made it to the finalist stage of the New York Festivals, TV & Film Awards 2019.

November 2018 - Making of Reel

Following the BBC US Elections 2018 titles, Sophia put together a Making of Reel to showcase how they were put together with a technical and conceptual breakdown.

November 2018 - BBC US Elections 2018

Sophia conceptualised and created the titles for the BBC US Elections 2018 Mid-Terms.

March 2018 - Fake News Animated Film

The BBC School Report team commissioned Sophia to create an animated short to help 11-14-year-olds identify 'Fake News'. Maxon also published a case study on the piece.

November 2017 - BBC BLT Titles

Sophia was commissioned to design a title sequence for a BBC online programme about women who want tips in starting their own business.

October 2017 - Maxon Blog

In recognition to Sophia's work, Maxon published a profile blog going through to how she got started within the broadcast industry, outlining key projects to how she got into Cinema 4D.

October 2017 - Clearly Animation

Zero 30 Media commissioned Sophia to create an animated film to promote the Clearly Book Campaign launch, addressing the issue of poor vision being the world's largest unaddressed disability.

September 2017 - IBC Presentation

Sophia was invited by Maxon to do a Technical and Conceptual breakdown of her BBC School Report Titles.

May 2017 - Outstanding Contribution to Motion Design

In recognition of her work, Sophia was awarded the highest accolade at the International Motion Festival in Cyprus for her Contribution to Motion Design within the broadcast industry.

May 2017 - Zoetrope Awarded Two Silvers

The Human Rights Zoetrope completed its round taking two more awards in the Animation & Graphics categories, totalling 9 awards.

April 2017 - New York Festivals

At the NAB Show in Las Vegas, The Human Rights Zoetrope celebrated further success winning a World Medal at the New York Festivals - Television & Film Awards 2017 in the Animation: Promotion / Open & ID Category.

March 2017 - BBC School Report

Sophia completed a 10 second title sequence to run across multi platforms for the BBC School Report day on the 16th March. The entire scene was built in Cinema 4D and rendered in Arnold.

February 2017 - Finalist at the New York Festivals

The Human Rights Zoetrope has made the Finalist stage in the Animation: Promotion / Open & ID Category at the New York Festivals 2017 International Television & Film Awards. Winners to be announced at the Gala NAB Show in Las Vegas.

February 2017 - Won 3 Telly Awards

More success for the The Human Rights Zoetrope, winning 3 Bronzes at the Telly Awards in the categories, General Show Opening Segment, Craft 3D Graphics / Animation (Non Stereoscopic) and Craft Use of Graphics.

December 2016 - Platinum & Gold at Aurora Awards

The Human Rights Zoetrope won a Platinum, Best of Show in the Art Direction category and a Gold in the Graphics Design category.

November 2016 - Behind the Title

In an interview for Post Perspective Magazine, Sophia talks about her experience in the broadcast industry and how she got there.

October 2016 - Post Perspective Feature

In a feature for Post Perspective Magazine, Sophia goes through her creative inspiration and process behind The Human Rights Zoetrope brand, looking at both culture and technique.

September 2016 - IBC Blog

Sophia was asked to write a blog for Post Perspective Magazine about her visit to IBC 2016, detailing the buzz and excitement of both presenting on behalf of Maxon and impressions of her first IBC.

September 2016 - Maxon Presentation at IBC

The makers of Cinema 4D, Maxon, invited Sophia to present at the prestigious International Broadcasting Convention in Amsterdam. She showcased 3 global award-winning and nominated sequences, from the initial commissioning, to concept with final technical breakdowns of each piece.

June 2016 - Smith Micro Blog

Sophia was invited by Smith Micro to talk about her latest award winning project, The Human Rights Zoetrope Brand and illustrate how Poser Pro was used within her workflow.

June 2016 - Won at PromaxBDA

Spending Review won Bronze at the highly prestigious PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards 2016 in New York for Best Art Direction & Design: News Program Bumper.

May 2016 - New Website

Sophia's shiny brand new website is finally here. Enjoy!  Some recent exciting projects are still awaiting broadcast and will be uploaded soon.

May 2016 - Gold at the Muse Creative Awards

Happy to announce that The Human Rights Zoetrope opening titles, created for Noon Visual Creatives won Gold at the Muse Creative Awards.

April 2016 - PromaxBDA Global Nomination

The ident, Spending Review, created for BBC News was nominated for a PromaxBDA Global Excellence Award.

November 2015 - University Lecture

Sophia was invited to do a talk at the European University Cyprus about her experience within the broadcast industry and go through project breakdowns, from the initial design to the production process, called ‘From Concept to Screen’.

September 2015 - Case Study

A case study on PM2.5 was published on the Maxon Cinema 4D website.

June 2015 - PM2.5 Won at PromaxBDA

PM2.5 won Bronze at the PromaxBDA Global Excellence Awards in LA, created for the BBC Science Unit, explaining the dangers on the tiny pollutant found in alarmingly high volumes in Beijing.

June 2014 - Case Study

Maxon published a case study on how ‘Paper Town’ was created with a technical breakdown.

May 2014 - PromaxBDA Global Nomination

Sophia was nominated for a prestigious PromaxBDA Global Excellence Award for her 3D animated bumper, UK Economic Recovery, best known as ‘Paper Town’ for the BBC Business Unit.

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© Sophia Kyriacou 2020

Additional material © BBC & © BBC Worldwide Ltd | All rights reserved